Storyboard artist in Cape Town, South Africa, specialising in beautiful women

Storyboard Artist
Women are the focus of most advertising, but storyboard artists tend to be men, and it shows. They don't know us like we know ourselves.As a storyboard artist in Cape Town, a city of women, I am surrounded by beautiful women every day. Cape Town has an awe-inspiring natural collision of mountains and sea, and I see women every day, swimming, riding, climbing, surfing, running, relaxing, sipping drinks and eating out, in all their natural beauty, effortless glamour, and instinctive poise.

About Lizza,
woman storyboard artist

I am a fast and accurate shooting-board illustrator with over 20 years experience.

I am good at capturing facial expressions and have unusually high three-dimensional perception which means that I can imagine very accurately what the camera is going to see. I have three university degrees: architecture, art and literature. My grasp of what you need combined with the speed with which I can render it means that I am able to meet high-tension deadlines and solve the problems which arise around them. My skills and experience make me exactly what film-makers are looking for.

Rates: Black and White line drawings: R300 per frame

Storyboard Artist

“Lizza is the best. She understands cameras like nobody else. She gets what you’re talking about straight away, visualises it accurately, and gets the mood, the little facial expressions, the interactions.. and she sketches them right there while you are talking so you can see she’s understood you perfectly.

She’s the best to work with too. You can rely on her completely.. she never misses a deadline. She comes and sits right down and does the job straight away, and she is really fast. Done. She’s the best. There’s really nobody else.”

– Keith Rose, Cannes Gold Winner, Clios TV Hall of Fame, Cannes Silver Lion 08 and Loeries Grand Prix 08 for Allan Gray ‘Beautiful’.

Keith Rose has been directing commercials for about 25 years and has won a dizzying array of prizes, of which the above are merely a sample.